About Us

About Us

Mining Adventure

At Wausau Mine Company, our promise to you, our valued customer, is that we serve the best product in a friendly manner to ensure you are satisfied! Whether you order a ravioli, fettuccine, prime rib, soup or anything else on our menu, you can be assured it will be prepared from scratch, the way you would make it at home! In keeping with our policy of freshness and quality, we also offer a variety of heart healthy choices. We have very mouthwatering salads made with fresh spring mix or an ice berg mix. We also have grilled chicken and a baked cod. In our new venture we have added some delicious deep fried items, such as potato timbers, buffalo chicken strips, cheese curds and the list goes on. We are hoping to please just about everyone’s palate!


Unique Atmosphere

A visit to our restaurant is an experience you will never forget. We have recreated a “Mine Shaft” atmosphere so you feel like you are on an adventure deep in the heart of a gold mine. In creating the mining atmosphere we were fortunate to have a wonderful family donate real authentic mining artifacts, such as a cart that went down into the mine, some tin for our ceiling in the bar, and mining utensils. We are a kid friendly restaurant with a separate game room located on our upper deck. For the adults we offer a full bar, with big screen t.v.’s, live music, drink specials and the list goes on…. If it is your birthday or anniversary you are celebrating look no further, we have specials for you!! If you would like to bring a group in for a meeting or get together our private room upstairs seats up to 30 guests! From the moment you enter, you can see the unique “Mine Shaft” atmosphere and you know you are in for a great time!!!

Awards & Recognition

Some awards received are the ‘Red Cross Real Heros’ award in 2009, for our Easter Dinner which will be in its 24th year this year, where we feed 700 people in need in the Wausau Area. We donate all the money tossed into the Water fall to such organizations as Neverforgotten Honor Flight, Special Olympics, the Humane Society, and the Salvation Army. over $2000 since the new building. We are a 20 year bidder for the FFA Animal sale at the Wisconsin Valley Fair. We were recognized by The state of Wisconsin, office of the Governor as an ‘Exemplary Employer Award’ for our employment of people with disabilities.


Legend of Virgil

Legend has it that the ghost of a German immigrant named Brandenberg, who was allegedly murdered in one of the booths still inhabits the grounds. Keep a sharp eye for our local miner friends! If “Virgil” our resident miner with a weakness for the booze spots you, the topic of the conversation will be mining. From the authentic mining artifacts to the working replica of a copper mine, and the multitude of pictures depicting miners performing their daily tasks, the walls tell a thousand stories.

History In the Making

The original building was called the White Eagle, built in 1915, with living quarters, which was a roadhouse between Wausau and Marathon. Gary Brandenburg’s grandfather, a German immigrant was allegedly murdered in one of the booths, though the crime was never solved. The White Eagle was home to many weddings, and was known for Saturday chicken dinners and Friday fish fry’s. In 1968, it became Mr. G’s, owned by an Orthodontist named Dr. Gettino along with his son Rick. They transformed the building’s interior and exterior into a truly engineering masterpiece. The interior was completely gutted and replaced with a cave like motif, featuring rock columns, outcroppings, and a waterfall that trickled behind the bar. An elevated stage was installed to feature some of the best entertainment Central Wisconsin had to offer. The Williamson’s purchased the property in 1973 to open Sneaky Pete’s, which featured a state of the art lighted Disco dance floor, capitalizing on the newest dance craze that swept the nation. 1980 was the beginning of the Wausau Mine Company with a partnership between the Williamson’s and the Wages.


After completing the remodeling, April 15th was the opening day and a Wausau landmark is born.  Yes, 28 years of serving great food to the greatest people in the world, our customers. In July of 2007, the lantern was passed to the next generation of Wage’s: Jennifer, Stephanie and Dan. Together, they ushered in a new and exciting chapter in the history of Wausau’s most unique restaurant by doing a complete redesign that following year.  These exciting changes are evident as soon as you lay your eyes on the new, state of the art building with a mine shaft flare. Enter the doors and see for yourself the “Mine Shaft” atmosphere where you can feel like you are on an adventure deep in the heart of a gold mine. An authentic experience filled with genuine mining artifacts. Through all the changes, some things will never change.  You, our valued customer, will continue to enjoy menu items prepared the way they always have been at ‘the Mine’, from scratch with only the finest ingredients.  We will continue to offer quality service in a relaxed atmosphere, as you have come to expect.  Yes, some things will never change!!!